Dream Wedding on the Gold Coast

I’ve just come back from a beautiful wedding on the beach at the sunny Gold Coast.

We all had such a wonderful time. It was SO romantic having it on the beach. After the actual ceremony on the headland, the couple and the bridesmaids was invited to come down on a secluded part of the beach and headland for a photo session with the wedding photographer, Shree Vella. Shree was awesome! It was SO much fun doing the photo shoot I cant even tell you! Shree had the couple posing in all sorts of romantic ways, with such beautiful backgrounds.. the photos are going to be amazing! Then we all got together with the bride and took some pics and then finally all together. I cant wait to see the photos online on Shree site. I’m hoping to order several just to remind me of the awesome time we all had that day! God I love weddings! If you need a wedding photographer on the gold coast or in Byron or a ywhere like that, call Shree!  Shree Vella Photography